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Creating a user-centric Taco Bell Finland app

Restel Oy is the leading restaurant chain in Finland, owned by Tradeka-yhtiöt Oy. Its network covers some 200 restaurants across the country. Restel offers a wide range of restaurant concepts, including the fast food restaurant Taco Bell, Burger King, Food&Events and Rax to mention few.

Creating new app with existing code base

Fresh and delicious meals from Taco Bell have always been a favourite. Restel, the operator of Taco Bell restaurants in Finland, sough to create a digital sales channel for Finnish taco fans.

Our solution was to develop a visually appealing, Flutter-based mobile application that not only offered a seamless ordering experience but also included loyalty program and home delivery options. One unique aspect was that the app had to integrate seamlessly with existing backend services and utilise the same code base as the Burger King Finland app. Up to 95 % of the code for Taco Bell app already existed.

User tests were a crucial part of creating the Taco Bell mobile app.

Taco Bell offers a wide range of possibilities for customers to customise their orders just the way they like them. As great as this is, it was also a usability challenge; how to provide an interface that minimises user steps and maximises the colourful and rich menu options so that users can keep track of the order as they should. Testing with real Taco lovers was a mandatory part of the project. As we combined user feedback with technical possibilities that Flutter provides, we were able to create a streamlined ordering experience with visually rich details and animations. Something that complements the joyful and colourful Taco Bell brand.

Using the same codebase as previous apps, such as the Burger King Finland app, presented its own set of challenges. It was crucial to implement new features specific to Taco Bell without disrupting the functionality of other apps. Successfully maintaining and expanding Restel’s app family was a significant achievement. This multi brand app family enables Restel to efficiently utilise it for a variety of restaurant brands in Finland, cost effectively.

It is the good old team work that makes this possible!

The successful development of the new Taco Bell app was a result of seamless collaboration between our designers, developers, and Restel’s team. This teamwork ensured that the app not only visually highlighted the Taco Bell’s delicious offerings but also made it easy for users to find and customize their favorites with minimal clicks.

Despite the complexity of the project, leveraging the existing codebase from Restel’s app family allowed us to deliver fast and cost-effective solutions, showcasing the professionalism and experience of our team.

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