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Groke Technologies – Streamlining system development by cutting manual work

Groke Technologies develops intelligent navigation solutions and situational awareness systems for challenging maritime industry needs. The primary market is Japan, with the goal of expanding operations globally. The company was established in October 2019 in Finland.

Ultimate Maritime Situational Awareness Solution

Groke Technologies’ flagship product, Groke Pro, is a system that includes everything needed for situational awareness when navigating at sea . An independent sensor unit installed on the ship collects data from various sources such as cameras, GPS geolocation, radar information, and AIS messages from other ships. The data is integrated, and with Groke’s modern UI, various obstacles can be identified at bridge in real-time, the surrounding environment can be observed, and risk areas can be analyzed, even in challenging weather conditions. Data from Groke Pro is continuously recorded, collected and annotated. By leveraging machine learning models, the accumulating data further enhances the system’s capabilities, enabling it to detect objects of interest in increasingly difficult environments with increasing accuracy.

Goal to reduce manual work significantly

The challenge of the annotation process was  the significant amount of manual work involved, where each workflow and task were managed manually. A clear need for process improvement arose, and with Rebel App Studio, an annotation management tool was created. This tool allowed Groke’s developers to significantly save their time spent on the annotation process, enabling them to focus more on actual development work.

“The management application has reduced the work needed for task management significantly and allowed us to focus more on dataset and model improvements instead”, comments Pontus Boström, the Head of AI at Groke Technologies. 

“The process is now faster and smoother. Our Machine Learning Team can concentrate on the model development itself. The benefits accumulated quickly.”

Flutter empowering seamless development

Flutter was selected as a framework of development project as technology was already familiar in Groke’s user interface development. At the same time, a small risk was taken, since when development began, Flutter’s web application support was relatively new. However, Flutter performed excellently as a technology and proved to be stable. Thanks to Flutter as the framework and a well-made foundation for the application, further development internally has been straightforward.

Rebel App Studio was chosen as a partner due to its strong expertise in Flutter. “We knew that Rebel App Studio focuses specifically on Flutter development, possibly as the only one in Finland. We could rely on the fact that they have skilled Flutter developers. We were really pleased with the collaboration. The developers really knew their stuff, everything ran smoothly, and we could trust that the end result would be of high quality”, says Mikko.

Rebel App Studio has also been involved in other Groke Technologies’ Flutter development projects. “Flutter turned out to be a good choice; it provides tools for building custom UIs and speeds up the development process. Web app releases are implemented on the web which makes it really fast to implement new features.”, Alexander Troshkov from Rebel App Studio summarizes.

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