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Moi – From young rascal to a serious mobile operator contender.

How about a multi-platform customer experience so smooth and empowering, you never have to call the actual help desk. How about challenging the big established players with remarkably less resources. Does that sound too good to be true? Yes it does, and it’s happening right here and now.

From the beginning Moi strived to be the most laid back, yet service oriented, mobile operator with an honest and big heart. Now the matured alternative operator has been owned by DNA since 2019. Moi, like many of our clients, has been growing together with us in a long lasting relationship filled with mutual trust and transparency. This sort of technically demanding project has been made Together with a team of multiple experienced vendors like TX Company, N2 Albiino, Eficode, freelance developers and Moi’s in-house team with all having their specific roles and contributions.

At this point it is fair to say Moi’s strategy has paid off since from 2018 the revenue has been on quite steady +14% growth rate. At the end of 2023 Moi started collaboration with SOK being the sole domestic operator offering S-Bonus. In the first few hours of launch we had more than 19 000 new in-service S-Bonus registrations. With fingers crossed all went without any hiccups.

“We really enjoy working with Codemate people. Their down to earth attitude, combined with creativity and technical craftiness makes collaboration a delight.”

Multiplatform for both b2b and b2c.

We have been developing Moi’s b2b and b2c client services from the start and along the way agility, communication and right technology choices have been the key to success. Our team core consisted of a UX/UI Designer, three Mobile Developers and a Project Lead. Since the app had been used on various customer segments we had to do our homework analyzing the feedback and tickets received from the end users and ofc. other stakeholders as well.

Snappy sprint based agile methodology scheduling was needed since different lanes of the process were happening simultaneously and had to be meticulously planned. 

Facelift with a new design system.

The core of the latest release has been the new Moi facelift project. In which Moi’s unique language was polished further to alleviate the design strategy driven characteristics and thus better the user experience even further. Multi vendor collaboration made it possible to time the launch in sync across all client touch points. Codemate’s responsibility was to create the first version of a more detailed design system to work as a “one source of truth” for all coded assets.

As a by-product one branch to the design system worked as a traditional brand guide as well. So we went creating a multi-purpose visual guide with digital interfaces first approach.

“I’ve been overseeing the Moi brand for quite a few years and it is good to see its rich personality coming to life in all digital interactions.”

Efficient multi-platform result with Flutter.

During the past few years Flutter has proven to be the most trusted and growing tech for high-performance added value multiplatform (iOS, Android, web) user experiences & development. Moi -project has not been an exception and Flutter has been used on the project from the beginning of our contribution. Since Codemate had been developing the Flutter technology together with Google for more than 6 years, it was the most relevant option for us to propose. Making it possible to compile browser based web apps from one code base is a tremendous asset. Mun Moi web had been initially done with React and this had increased the traction of DevOps and the user experience was not on the level it needed to be. At this point it is confident to say changing to Flutter was a good tech decision.

“My first thought about Flutter was that finally, someone is doing something reasonable for development purposes.”


Moi is now able to publish new versions of the apps much quicker, even several times a week. The same compact team can handle design and development for mobile and web, since Flutter enables development with a single code base.

Unified design system with ready made components makes multi-vendor collaboration and design & development communication much smoother. Specifying elements in detail will also lead to the more coherent user experience.

Mun Moi app has received highly positive feedback on Google Play and AppStore, where it has gotten 4-5 star ratings all around. The amount of phone calls to the customer service has dramatically dropped as customers are able to help themselves with the new digital services. We hope to make the user experience even more rich and memorable in the future.

It is needless to say the collaboration with a forward-thinking operator like Moi has been a pleasure for all of us. Keep up the positive rascal attitude, even at the age of adulthood as an operator. Moi!

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