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We design and develop

Using Flutter, the world’s best app technology.

5 Star Apps

5 Star Apps

5 Star Apps

5 Star Apps

Design, development and Flutter consultancy

We’re a team of world-leading Flutter experts and designers dedicated to making amazing apps.

From full end-to-end app builds to Flutter consulting, we’re here to help you make reliable, beautiful apps, and use the power of Flutter to do it in record time.

We’re hiring! Could you be our new Flutter Developer?

“I was impressed by their flexibility, responsiveness, and professionalism.”
Tao Dong, Head of User Experience for Flutter


Our story so far


Codemate was founded


One of the world’s first Flutter consultancy projects in the world – by us!


The world’s first large scale Flutter for Web release – by us!


We start developing Flutter for Google


Rebel App Studio was born, to focus solely on Flutter consulting and community work

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.

It makes you release faster than anything else. It provides the best performance. It does not break with new OS releases.

World leaders in Flutter

More experience than anyone: Flutter consulting since 2017.

Expertise you can’t find elsewhere: Developing Flutter with Google.

Pushing the boundaries: we find the limitations of Flutter and push through them. Even if we have to change Flutter itself.

Powered by Codemate

Powered by Codemate: a Nordic creative tech agency.

Making apps long before Flutter: We’ve used everything.

100 people with 15 years’ experience and over 700 projects. Awesome customers: Netflix, Taco Bell, Ericsson.

Our clients


9.3.2021 | Flutter Web Meetup

Flutter Web Meetup feat. Google, hosted by Codemate / Rebel App Studio

Watch a live stream recording from our Flutter dev meetup with focus on the new Flutter web application capabilities. Speakers from Google, Codemate and Moi Mobile.

Event recording on YouTube

Conference Meet us in Oslo!

Flutter Vikings


Online conference Take a look!

Flutter Vikings


Hybrid Meetup Watch in Youtube

FLUTTER Meetup – Christmas 2021 edition


Blog stuff

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