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Rebels Going to Fluttercon(s)!

We had so much fun at last year’s Fluttercon Berlin that we wouldn’t want to miss it again. This year, Rebel App Studio by Codemate is thrilled to announce our strong presence at both Fluttercon Berlin and Fluttercon New York!

Since starting our journey with Flutter in 2017, we’ve developed numerous exceptional applications for a variety of industries, from restaurants to the automotive sector. Besides creating and designing 5-star apps, being an active part of the Flutter community has always been a core value for Rebel App Studio. That’s why attending these events is a highlight of our year!

“Last year at Fluttercon, we truly realized how extensive the global Flutter community is. Seeing so many enthusiasts in one place was remarkable. Fluttercons are also the best venues to witness fascinating examples of what you can achieve with Flutter,” says Miika Toljamo, Senior Partner, Rebel App Studio by Codemate.

Check here to learn more about multibranding with Flutter and Figma. Including our tech talk at Fluttercon23.

“This year, I hope to see more big corporations showcasing their applications and comprehensive systems built with Flutter. We plan to share insights from our major projects and what we’ve learned along the way,” Toljamo continues.

Covering Flutter News Toolkit and Accessible applications.

In Berlin, we will be delivering two different talks. Codemate’s CEO, Toni Piirainen, will discuss how Finland’s major media corporation, KSML, accelerated their digital transformation with Flutter and Flutter News Toolkit. In the past, printing presses were the biggest investments for newspaper companies, but now they require more modern and innovative solutions to retain their audience. Toni’s talk will be held on Wednesday 3. July 11.10 AM in Dart Den!

In another talk, our senior developer, Alexander Troshkov, will explain how to test your Flutter app for accessibility. His presentation will cover manual testing of the app, introduce what Flutter offers in terms of automated accessibility testing, and share some tips and tricks for making apps more accessible.

Listen to Alexander’s lighting talk on Tuesday 2. July 3.45 pm in Flutter Forest!
See the full agenda on Fluttercon Europe website.

Co-hosting The T3 Engineering Leadership Summit!

In addition to our talks, we are a co-host in The T3 Engineering Leadership Summit. Summit provides key insights from thought leaders and service providers, a possibility to exchange ideas and gain insights and strengthen peer networks. We are thrilled to participate in conversations. See the full agenda and keynote speakers here!

See you in Berlin!

We are super excited to attend Fluttercon again and connect with like-minded individuals. Flutter wouldn’t exist without its community and the people who dedicate their time to its development. Come meet us at Fluttercon Berlin. 

Follow us on our social channels – and stay tuned for more about Fluttercon NYC later!

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