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Fluttering to the top: Rebel App studio by Codemate joins the trusted Flutter partners list 

Did you know that Rebel App Studio is behind the apps like Burger King Finland and Moi Mobile? We continue to develop 5 star apps with Flutter and collaborate with Google.

We have been developing apps long before Flutter. Since 2017, Codemate started developing and designing apps with Flutter, and we offer expertise you cannot find elsewhere: we have been developing Flutter itself with Google. We find the limitations of Flutter and push trough them, even if it requires changing Flutter itself.

“During my time at Codemate I have had a possibility to develop mobile apps with many different technologies. Every technology has it’s pros and cons, and the most important thing is to recognise what the customer really needs and choose the best technology for that”, comments Timo Pieti, Flutter developer, Rebel App Studio by Codemate.

“The pros with Flutter is that it can be used for more challenging purposes. Also it allows you to create the UI layer very efficiently and ensure its functionality through comprehensive testing”, Pieti continues.

Rebel App Studio by Codemate was born in 2021, to focus solely on Flutter consulting and community work. Now Google has launched the Flutter Consultant Directory, which is meant for everyone looking for trusted Flutter partners, and we are the only company on the list from the Nordics!

“It has been especially rewarding to participate in the Flutter community through various events and open-source releases. Making it to this list is both a natural progression of the journey and a great tribute to all the work our world-class developers and designers have done with Flutter”, Miika Toljamo, Co-Founder of Rebel App Studio by Codemate, remarks.

The community makes Flutter better

The companies selected for the Flutter Consultant Directory are required to have executed successfull Flutter projects, an adequate number of skilled developers, and a commitment to grow the Flutter community. Rebel App Studio has participated in many Flutter events, such as FlutterVikings and Fluttercon, and in Autumn 2023, we sponsored the streams for Flutter and Friends event for those who could not travel to Sweden.

“Flutter has a wide community, which helps Flutter grow even bigger and diverse. It is a pleasure to be part of this community, learn more from others and share my own knowledge with Flutter community. It is amazing to see, especially in the events, how passionate people are with Flutter”, Timo Pieti says.

Interested to learn more about our work with Flutter? Contact Miika for more information:

Miika Toljamo
+358 40 734 9399

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Accessibility with Flutter: Apps are for everyone

Join us for our meetup focusing on the importance of creating accessible apps with Flutter!

What: Online meetup about accessibility in apps

When: Thursday, March 30 at 6 PM (+3 GMT)
Check your local time here.

Where: Online, register here.

Apps that are accessible benefit everyone, not just people with disabilities. It’s estimated that over 1 billion people worldwide have a disability, and they face significant barriers to accessing technology.

Creating accessible apps is not just the right thing to do, it’s also a legal requirement. In many countries, including the US and the UK, there are laws that require digital products to be accessible to people with disabilities.

During the meetup, our speakers will cover topics such as cooperation between design and development teams, tips for developers and designers to ensure their apps are accessible, and a demo of the accessibility checker. Attendees will learn about platform-specific differences, semantic labels, spelling out abbreviations, getting things in the right order, ensuring tappable areas make sense out of context, focusing or highlighting new or changing content, and more.

The meetup will also include a tech update from Flutter related to accessibility, which will cover the features supported by Flutter, what they’re focusing on right now, and how others can contribute to their success.

The meetup will end with a Q&A session where attendees can ask questions to the speakers. Overall, the event will be an excellent opportunity for developers and designers to learn how to create accessible apps with Flutter and help make technology more inclusive.


Welcome & Introduction

Tom Gilder, Lead Flutter Developer at Rebel App Studio introduces us to the topic of the meetup – why should you make apps accessible and how do you do it?

A word from Google

Tim Sneath, Director of Product and UX for Flutter & Dart shares why accessible apps are close to his heart.

Accessible apps in practice

Alexander Troshkov, Senior Software Engineer and Petri Pystynen, Lead Designer from Rebel App Studio share their insights about developing accessible apps. They will demo Luetus, an app for the visually impaired and share how the accessibility checker helped them reveal bugs.

Tech update from Flutter

Software Engineers Loïc Sharma and Chun-Heng Tai from Google will share some of the latest accessibility-related developments at Flutter.


The floor is yours dear Flutter community – take this opportunity and pick the brains of our Flutter experts.

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Rebel App Studio teams up with Google to create 20 news apps in record-breaking time 

Rebel App Studio, a leading Flutter consultancy from Finland, is an early adopter of the Flutter News Toolkit. Rebel App Studio is developing 20 new news applications simultaneously, an undertaking that would be impossible without the Flutter News Toolkit. The toolkit was launched for general access on January 25th 2023. The Flutter News Toolkit is co-developed by Flutter and Google News Initiative.

The way we consume news has changed significantly over the last twenty years. There has been a shift to consuming news through mobile applications instead of browsers. However, for news publishers, mobile apps can be difficult and costly to build – until now, when Google released the Flutter News Toolkit based on the work done in the Google News Initiative.

Flutter News Toolkit promises to reduce app development time by up to 80%

On January 25th 2023, Google’s Flutter team released the Flutter News Toolkit for general access

“Some early adopters have already built iOS and Android applications in as little as 6 weeks, claiming up to 80% time savings compared to traditional double-ended development on iOS and Android”, says Zoey Fan, Senior Product Manager for Flutter at Google. 

The Flutter News Toolkit is an easy-to-use template for news publishers to build an app. It includes blocks of sample code for common user interfaces and app features. While the news template lowers the barrier to entry for building news mobile applications, this solution still requires Flutter development work. That’s when agencies like Rebel App Studio enter the picture.

Rebel App Studio is working with early adopters of the Flutter News Toolkit

Rebel App Studio, a leading Flutter consultancy from Finland, has been utilising the toolkit for a few months and can confirm that the numbers are not lying. Flutter News Toolkit includes some key elements that accelerate the release of applications in record-breaking time.

“During the last few years, we have worked on multiple projects with the Flutter team, so we can pride ourselves on developing Flutter itself forward. The Flutter News Toolkit can really make a difference to how news publishers around the world get their apps into the hands of their readers”, says Miika Toljamo, Business Director at Rebel App Studio. 

Rebel App Studio is currently developing 20 news applications for news publishers. This would not be possible without Flutter technology and the free template. Not only does the template accelerate the development process, but it also allows designers to quickly customise the app to individual brands.

The cooperation continues

The Flutter News Toolkit has just been launched for general access and this is where the work begins. Flutter News Toolkit is a unique opportunity for news publishers to take a leap in their digitalisation.

“Three months ago, we announced the Toolkit in an early access period and received an overwhelming number of applications from organisations across the world, so we’re excited to announce the first version of the Flutter News Toolkit is now generally available!”, Zoey Fan shares. 

“We have continued to grow along with Flutter for five years already, but the current demand for top-of-the-world Flutter and News Toolkit expertise is something unseen. Rebel App Studio is looking to double the number of senior Flutter developers this year to meet this demand”, summarises Miika Toljamo.

Interested to learn more about our work with the Flutter News Toolkit? Contact Miika for more information:

Miika Toljamo
+358 40 734 9399

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